Nighttime Activities in Worcestershire

In the smaller cities in the United Kingdom, the nighttime activities happen more in the pubs. In fact, you cannot have a truly British experience without going to a pub. Interestingly, Worcester has some of the oldest and most interesting ones.

Must-See Pubs In Worcestershire

Locals love the pub they affectionately called “the Blower”, although its official name is The Horn and Trumpet. This is a good place to see where the residents go, and it can get a bit exciting just before it closes. If you are interested in avoiding the other tourists, then you should head here.

On the other hand, if you want to visit a pub that is located in a former church home, then head over to the Slug and Lettuce. It is fun because there is a dance floor downstairs, while upstairs is perfect for drinking. They also offer lunch during the day. This pub is one in a chain and is designed to appeal to young adults. The music is also leaned towards the younger guests, with the DJ playing more R&B and house music.

If you are visiting with family, though, you will love the Salmon’s Leap at 42 Severn Street. They serve curry and have their one ales on tap. While the parents are having a drink, the little ones can play in the beer garden or in the play area.

To have a taste of history, you should stop by The King Charles House, where King Charles I stopped by in 1645 after escaping Worcester when Oliver Cromwell defeated his army.

Another interesting pub is The Swan with Two Nicks or Nicking Swans for short. It is a welcoming nightclub/ restaurant/pub-in-one that is popular with students as well. They also have some live music at times, wherein you might be charged a little for cover.

Lastly, The Cardinal’s Hat offers continental beer without having to leave the UK. They used to serve in half and one-liter beer mugs but they were forced to change to half-pints and pints back in 2002. The building itself is also interesting, dating all the way back to the 15th century.

Local Nightclubs To Check Out

If you are looking for a real nightclub, then there are quite a few in Worcester, which do not just cater to the students. Bushies, or Bushwackers, on Trinity Street, is an Australian restaurant that turns into a dance floor and 2 bars in the night. The restaurant offers huge portions and is favored by guests in the mid-20s all the way to those in their mid-40s. They have a cover price of around $5.

A church in Angel Place has also been converted into a nightclub called Tramps. It has 3 dance floors that offer different music, namely 80s, R&B, and dance. They also have 5 bars to choose from.

Other Nighttime Activities

Visitors also have some other activities catered to them, like pub walks or restaurant visits, so if you are looking for something to do in the night, you can refer to some local guides for ideas.