Top Parks in Worcestershire

Worcestershire is a county to the west of England and it has a number of hills and farmland in its landscape. But there’s more to the county than fields. If you’re visiting Worcestershire, you might want to visit its lovely parks.

The 5 Must-Visit Parks in Worchestershire

1. Gheluvelt Park

One of the most popular parks in the area is Gheluvelt Park. This park was built as a memorial for those who fought during World War I. However, over time, it became a family park where kids became free to run around.

Gheluvelt Park is divided into two areas. The right side of the park is where most families stay and stroll while the other side was dedicated to preserving wildlife in the area. But what’s great about this particular park is that you get to see ducks and swans in the pods. If you have kids, they will surely love this place.

2. Worcester Woods Country Park

Worcester Woods Country Park is not your usual park. It’s like a whole community thanks to all the sites you can see and the activities you can participate in during the summer. A cafe, an open field, a nature reserve, a playground, these are just some of the things you get to enjoy at Worcester Woods Country Park.

One of the best activities to do here is to have a picnic with your family. During the summer, lots of people sit at the picnic tables with their packed meals and just enjoy under the sun. While you relax, you can let your kids play in one of the park’s playgrounds.

3. Croome

Croome takes its name from Croome Court which is found right in the middle of the park. Home to the Earls of Coventry, this park was once the center of a lot of activity during World War I. Today, Croome Court has become a tourist site where visitors are guided by artists and craftspeople in the area.

Although not the kind of park where kids can run freely, Croome does boast of stunning fields and ponds. Around the park, there are bridges erected where you can take photos in. You might even catch a glimpse of the Court from afar.

4. Abbey Park

If you are looking for a playground, field, cafe, and a historical site, then you can find all these in Abbey Park. Abbey Park is one of the parks that has it all. It serves as a tourist spot thanks to the bell tower and the Old Abbey, and it also functions as a great outdoor day for kids. You can also take photos of the beautiful scenery and take walks alongside the river.

5. Sanders Park

Finally, you have Sanders Park. Sanders Park is the place where you want to go jogging or walking your dog. There’s not a lot of playgrounds where kids can play which is why you will see more adults here than children. Nonetheless, the park is perfect for those who love strolling on a cool morning.