Worcestershire Restaurants Every Tourist Must Try

Worcester is the home of the famous Worcestershire sauce, which says something about its food culture. Add the vibrant university atmosphere and you get a destination so full of life. Plus, with its wonderful architecture, you can burn off those extra calories you gain from enjoying the local restaurants. Here are some of the restaurants that you should definitely try out when planning a trip to Worcester.

1. Chesters Restaurant And Bar

You would never think that you will find authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine here until you visit Chesters. Fans of spicy food will love the traditional dishes from across the Atlantic, though there are non-spicy options for those who cannot tolerate the heat. Beyond the tasty food, you should also order some drinks. Mezcal, which is not that different to a great tequila but just a bit smoother and smokey in taste, is a must-try. There are also top tequila-based cocktails, like the strawberry tequito, which will surely give you a great night.

2. Thai on 7evern

Seeing the exterior of this restaurant will make you doubt that it should be a restaurant to try out. But don’t let yourself get fooled by its appearance. Once you get in, you will be transported to Thailand, with the beautiful and intricate carvings on the walls and the Buddhist statues. Thai on 7evern is one of the 2 restaurants serving Thai cuisine but you can expect nothing less than authentic and delicious here. Plus, the prices are reasonable for the quality and the great service.

3. Bolero Bar & Kitchen

While Italian restaurants are quite common in Worcester and almost every other city, there are ones that truly stand out. Bolero is definitely one that you should try out. You can expect authentic meals that are simple but just exquisitely delicious. Make sure you try out their chargrilled lamb skewers that are served with pita bread. Plus, pair your meal off with one of their cocktails, like the apple and caramel martini. If it’s not your thing, then there are also wines, ales, spirits, and champagne to choose from.

4. The Old Rectifying House

If you are looking for a romantic setting for a date, then The Old Rectifying House is the top choice for you. Beyond the ambiance, you can expect the tastiest steaks with the most affordable prices in the area. During the colder nights, you can enjoy the cozy fire and candlelit tables and in the summer, you can expect to stay cool. Lastly, if you love having a wide selection of drinks, including older cocktails that are rare to find nowadays, then this is the place for you.

5. The King Charles House

The King Charles House is not just one of those old buildings to visit but it is definitely a must-try. The inn was originally built in 1577 and most of the features of the old building remain, like the carved wood paneling, exposed beams, and even an underground jail cell. Its name came from the visit of King Charles while he lost the Battle of Worcester. Though the building has been renovated, it is still that traditional English pub. Their specialty is pie and mash, with tons of versions to choose from.

A trip to Worcester should also include a trip to these restaurants that will not just bring you the taste of Worcester, but also the rest of the world.